Help: Caster Accessories

Our industry is not a new one! As a result, there are likely more options available than what a person might think. For example, for some styles of casters there are rings available that can help push cords away from being run over in an “operating room” environment. There are also “position locks” for many models of casters that help maneuver something in a tight spot at times, but then change to help guide when moving a distance and require direction control.


For wheels, in addition to making the correct selection of material bearing choices often make all the difference in the world. Different quality levels of bearings are often available and can make something move much easier. Wheels being the contact to the floor also makes them vulnerable to picking up debris. So choosing a sealed bearing can give a longer life to it.


In addition to different finishes available for some casters, there are also different stopping options. There are more choices than just brakes on casters. A product known as a “flor lock” can sometimes be used in conjunction with certain models of casters which are truly a stopper when solid stillness is needed.

Bumpers, Bushings, Axles

A wide array of corner bumpers, handle bumpers and strip bumpers also come in handy when circumstances are warranted. Different hardware materials for unique situations might be needed in wet or corrosive environments. For that we carry “Delrin” bushing and bearings, “Stainless” bearings, bushings and axles, and even “Vulca seals” to help keep the wheels rolling.


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