Help: Material Handling

One of the many advantages of acquiring Material handling through Casterland is that we are specialists in mobility from the ground up! In other words, we know what the best option for casters or wheels would be on a particular device and would be and are able to couple these together as we supply many of the North American manufacturers of material handling products.

Choosing the wheel

When choosing the correct wheel or caster, the best way to decide is asking the questions; “how is it going to be used?” and “how often?” If the device is used outdoors in uneven situations, then the cushion ride of air or “flatfree” wheels/casters work best. You should also be aware that there are non-marking tires available. If infrequently used, then a solid option is likely the best way to go.

Steel or Aluminum?

For material choices (steel, aluminum or plastic), aluminum is more ergonomic when it comes to lifting the unit and also provides protection form corrosion. Plastic and aluminum materials are often preferred if used in a food environment. Steel is more likely to be the more economical choice and are more likely to be made in Canada.


As far as options go, many times people don’t realize that there can be helpers in the form of “add-ons” and different configurations. Ergonomics is a commonly used word these days and things like handle positioning or correct heights for individuals can often be done. Suggestions can also be given to suit specific circumstances that may require a need that is not offered by the makers.

It’s because Casterland provides choices from ALL of the makers of these products all around the world which we can choose what works best for you! We’ve been doing this since 1975 and have likely been challenged with every scenario possible. Contact one of our specialists and let’s see what we can do for you.